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I like to cold smoke meats, vegetables, flour, oils, seasoning spices and salts.  The meat is either frozen or fresh from the store. When cold smoking the meat, I always place the meat in a metal tray, and this tray sits on a plastic jug of frozen water.  The smoke time is only up to 15 minutes, then the meat is placed into freezer bags and placed in a freezer. The use of a temperature probe assures me of the temp on the meat and it is not rising. I am only placing a smoke flavor onto these meats and other products, not trying to cook them...


I then use a pellet grill for the final Smoke and Grilling process. If someone can prove this to be harmful, then please by all means let know.


Cold smoking Kosher or Sea salt and then pour it into a container of olive oil. The salt does not dissolve in the olive oil but the smokey residue on the salt will be absorbed by the olive oil. Using a strainer, pour olive oil into its original container. Keep the salt in ajar for latter use on the grill or else where. Now we have Smoked Olive Oil. Great flavor. I also smoke my seasoning spices and then put them back into their containers. Why pay the price for smoked spices?


When getting ready to make a pizza, I will try to smoke the flour first, then make the pizza dough, but sometimes  make the pizza dough and after is proofing period, will smoke the dough. One cannot believe how much better tasting these pizza are after being smoked.  Then there those time I have got into too much of a hurry and forgot to smoke the flour or the dough, so after the pizza has had all of its garnishes placed on top of it, I place the entire pizza into my cold smoker and smoke, heavy, for about 10 minutes, then bake the pizza. Unbelievably delicious on either way of smoking the pizza.


But I am really serious about whether or not my way of cold smoking meat is dangerous or not, please again let me know.