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Meatloaf on the mini...

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Basic Meatloaf recipe. 80/20 GB, quick oats, milk, eggs, wooster, etc, etc..
I add One cup of grated Extra sharp cheddar though. Why not, right?
Dusted liberally with MHGP Rub.

Pretty windy day, so I set up the Reflectix shield around it.

Meatloaf on, running around 350. No wood, just a plain charcoal burn.

Cook time was 1:05, pulled at 160IT.

Made some homemade mac & cheese too.
My plate.

Ok, I may have added another slice or two after that shot.

Added some Blues Hog Sauce over the meat too. It went great with the meatloaf.
Thanks for looking!

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Looks great Sam.

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Good looking meatloaf...Unsmoked?...Looks good anyway!



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That looks great - very nice job 

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Looks good
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