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Smoked turkey

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I smoked a whole chicken, few slabs of baby backs and a 8 pound turkey breast the other day. Forgot to take the normal picture but I did take a few.

meat on the smoker.

turkey done.

Chicken and turkey were brined overnight and both came out great! Juicy and spicy. Rubbed the birds with rooster and a quick rub of black pepper, red pepper flakes, cayenne, garlic powder, and onion powder.

I also put butter under the birds skins.
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Looks good to me man  Thumbs Up  I like spicy!  :th_violent5:

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Yeppers! You planning on slicing that breast for sammies? Mmmmmmm........... juicy smoked turkey sandwichs! You ever try a little cranberry sauce on your sandwich?


There it goes again, my mouth is watering! I could never need any of those drugs for dry mouth. I never understood that anyway, seems like a good excuse just to drink me to me...... "Barkeep, another draft for my dry mouth, you take Blue Cross?"

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Thanks B. My wife and I enjoyed it and so did our friends. Wish I would have taken more pictures.
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