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Q view ribs

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Just started the two types of ribs. Two different rubs. First time using mustard to help rub stick. They have been in the fridge since late Friday night with rub.

Not much room left on grate. New smoker is in the near future. Still makes good bbq. Charcoal and pecan wood.

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Oh man am I in. Those look great!




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Finished product. Spent 3 1/2 hours on smoker. Then finished in oven because I forgot I had something to do. Was planning on doing 3-2-1 method. Still good. Good smoke flavor.

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If you are going to do more ribs before you get a new smoker, a rib rack might help.    Overlapping and touching meat like that affects how it cooks as well as smoke penetration.



That said, they still look good and tasty  :drool

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I don't see the need for a new smoker, I am damn impressed with that one! Man that smokes on that smoker, is obviously already a master of his pit!


Good looking ribs too!

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Looking good!



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I never new u could stack ribs like that but that's cool to know

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It works. Would rather have them not touching. Didn't have much of a choice. Rib rack is something on the list that I always seem to forget about until I buy more meat than smoker fits well. New smoker just seems fun either way.

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Nothing wrong with those ribbies, great smoke ring and looks tender & moist ! Looks like that smoker works just fine ! icon14.gif
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