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So I got Myron Mixons book and he does his briskest at 350 . So I said it sounds good so I got a 5 lb flat and since it was 3 1/2 uncovered 11/2 covered and two hours in the cooler so that's 7 hrs. At 10:30 I lit my duo and much to my suprise I could not reach 350
Tops 275. Wood and lump still no go so after 5 hours I had to finish the brisket in the
Oven. So my question is .. Can you het 350 with your SFB ? I know I am using a 300$ grill
But thought it would get to that temp
It was very windy and I had both vents wide open even had a small fan on the SFB ...
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Yes quite easily with either charcoal or wood. I have a CharGriller Smoking Pro, not the duo, but the smaller cook chamber on the duo should get to temps that high IMHO.

How much charcoal are you using to try and get to 350°? What kind of charcoal, lump or briquettes? Are you leaving the SFB intake vent open?

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Both vents open and royal lump . The coal basket was filled I don't get it.. Could the bag of lump been bad?
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What was the temp of the FB..... Was it 450-600 deg.... if so, you have an air flow problem... an additional air inlet across from the FB/CC opening should solve that..... OR the exhaust stack is too small dia. or not tall enough to provide good draft..... or the FB/CC opening is too small.... OR.... other draft issues......
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Originally Posted by Lemans View Post

Both vents open and royal lump . The coal basket was filled I don't get it.. Could the bag of lump been bad?


Was all the lump lit at once? Or did you pour lit on to unlit?

I light 2 chimneys of lump charcoal and wait until they are fully lit before I pour into the SFB. I keep the vents wide open unless the temp goes above my target and then I damp down the intake only to control temps.

BTW you will use a lot of charcoal cooking at 350° on the CG.

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I started with briquettes in the chimney and pour it in the lump
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Start with all lump in the chimney(get a second one if you can) and pour the fully lit lump on to the lump in the basket. You can leave the ash drawer open(and/or the door to the SFB) for extra air to the fire to assist lighting the lump in the basket.

Briquettes, even the best ones, will not get as hot as lump.

I routinely cook at temps from 300°- 350°, using lump charcoal and wood.

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Can I use the package of wood they sell in the convenience store fire fireplaces
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Personally, I would not. I can never figure out what tree it may have come from. Hickory chunks at WalMart are fairly inexpensive.

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