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Fresh Orange Ginger Sausage!

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did a batch of fresh sausage at my brothers earlier today.  20lb test run to see how this combo is gonna work out and i have to say, on the fry try, its delicious.  have to admit, the seasoning mix he got from a new employee of his that blended it up for a batch of 20lbs but he does have the recipe, easy.  this combo is delicious.  will post back with %'s if any interest is shown, dont be afraid to try out new combos, i never would have tried this.


this is for fresh, measures are per 1 kg. pork butt

1.5% salt, 1% calypso seasoning, .75 ginger spice, .4% black pepper and .2% chili powder.
for liquid, substitute orange juice or cut oj 50/50 with water, instead of water/wine.

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Is it a pork sausage?

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love to get that list skully. sounds like it could be awful good.

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I'd be interested in learning more about this sausage  thumb1.gif

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Always up for new ideas, sounds good I'm in...
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ok Skully .. I'll take the bait ....
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