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MES 30

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Got a MES 30 today from Homedepot. I went to SAMs and they did not have the 40. I seasoned it like the manual said (3 hours). When I added chip at the start of the 3rd hour, I think it burned them up. The chip loader looks like it got hot. I'll post some pics. Maybe because I was running it at 275 to season it? I'm going to smoke a rack of ribs in the morning. Any tips you guys care to share about the MES 30?

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Congrats on the new smoker.

Could be normal? You should look in to a AMNPS, match made in heaven.
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I have a MES 40 Gen 2, you got the Gen 1. So I don't know how the stock smoker works on yours. I think the pan the chips smoke in was better on the Gen 1 than the Gen 2 so you might have to play with it. I tried to put pea gravel in mine but I still got too much smoke till I reduced the amount of chips to about a 1/4 of the chips the loader would hold so I didn't get too much smoke. You'll have to add chips every 15 - 20 minutes. This link is where I read to get a bed of ashes. That helped get the thin blue smoke. In the end I got the Cold smoker from Masterbuilt ( 6-10 hours of smoke) but the AMNPS (about 12 hours of smoke from what I read) is very popular. Also verify the temp on your unit display is accurate. The Gen 1's were better than the Gen 2, mine reads about 40°F lower than actual. Better to be safe than sorry.  I read a lot of posts and one thing I learned was each unit acts differently so you'll have to learn your smokers personality. I'm a Rookie smoker but I Hope that helps, Happy Smokin'



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Thanks for info.
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Like posted above get you a AMNPS smoke box.
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