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Smoking whole hog and chicken quarters at the same time

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I have a question about smoking a whole hog and chicken quarters next weekend for my wife's surprise birthday party never cooked a whole hog on my own let alone on my reverse flow smoker. Ive cooked a lot of butts and chicken briskets turkeys My question is what's temp should I start the pig on and how long and the internal temp I've read 165 to 200 in the hams I don't think 165 is the way to go. But I could be wrong. The other concern is the chicken temps I don't want to have rubbery chicken I think the chicken should be cooked at higher temp than the pig and don't wont the hog to dry out. Last thing should i put the chicken in a pan so the chicken juices don't go all over the pig. Thanks for all the help
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Chicken should always be beneath other foods if at all possible, so the pan might be the way to go. You'll need higher temps to crisp up the skin. I usually move mine to the hot grill to crisp them up. Maybe you have that option?

 At to the pig, guess it depends on what you want, sliced or pulled. 175 to 180º you should be able to start slicing. 195 to 200º easy pulling.

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You can go low, 225-250°F for both then finish the bird on the gril or 425°F oven when the IT hits 150. Or go low until the last hour or so then bump the smoker to 300-325°F and put on the chicken. The high heat will make the pig skin extra crispy. It don't really matter if the bird is over the pig or not as they will both be coming off at 165 or higher and any dripping juices will be bacteria free from the high heat. I would take all the pork to an IT of 200°, pull all the meat and mix it together. The loins will be a bit dry but when all is mixed together, no one will notice. It will be a lot of work to be trying to remove the loins at 145, remove and slice the hams at 190 and then let the rest go to 200 for pulling...JJ

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I'd just cook the chicken in a separate cooker whether it be kettle grill or what not.   Much can be said for using multiple cookers for different types of meats at different temps. 

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Thanks for all your help. I do believe I got ally answers Thanks again
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