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Lots of questions about snack sticks

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I need some Forum Help. I have made a couple of batches of snack sticks using both elk and venison and store-bought seasoning mixes, stuffing them into collagen casings and drying/smoking them in a Bradley bisquit smoker using cherry wood. I am struggling with achieving the desired amount of dryness in the finished product. Is this a function of fat content in the meat or time/temperature in the smoker or a combination? The meat  I have used so far has been extremely lean and I have been reluctant to add pork fat for fear of making them greasy. The seasoning mix contains cure so should I be concerned about doneness or just dryness. Do I need to provide smoke during the entire drying process or just at the beginning? And finally if I happen to have some sticks that are on hand for over a few days, what is the preferred method of storing them? Refrigerate? Vacuum seal? Freeze? In a jar on the counter like at the tavern?

Thanks for your help. Fat Dad.

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In my view that kind of treat needs to be cold smoked/dehydrated not breaking 140. Not sure what it would take to get a Bradley to learn that trick and aint saying its impossible. A big card board box and a hotplate works pretty darned good. I also start heaving at the smell of cheery wood. That stuff is best for making nice furniture.

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Fat adds Flavour, so omitting it may make them very unpleasant tasting.  But after smoking them to an internal temp of 150 degrees, put them in a dehydrator until they reach the dryness level you want.  Although, if putting them in a dehydrator, be very careful with how much fat you use, as it does not do well in a dehydrator.

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