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Price Alert!

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This is St Patty's week!


Cheapest price on commercially cured corned beef for the year unless you catch the rare closeout on overstocks early next week.


Made room in my freezer to stock up for the year.


Some will become corned beef.  Some will become shortcut pastrami.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yup, I will be getting some tomorrow.

Thanks for the reminder.
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good Idea... will have to look at this weeks flier ....
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Locked and loaded already...... Thank ye Thank ye. I am still trying to make my own though!

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Thanks for the tip on that. The stores around here always run out before the big day so there aint never any after St. Paddy Day bargains. I guess we must have a high precentage of drunk Irishmen in this area who buy it all  Or hmmm..maybe it hoarders..hmmm

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I must admit to being a hoarder.


Being a retired old fart with a spare bedroom sure helps to encourage that.


Buy in bulk when on sale and never pay full retail!  :biggrin:


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks. My freezer zonked out  a few years back. I used to hoard good

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Got 6 of them... 4 points And two flats!
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