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Smoked a nice turkey breast and turkey leg last night and I was wondering I shrink wraped tonight and was wondering how long it lasted in refrigerator and does freezing is it as good tasting? I will post pictures and recipe later.

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should freeze and be fine as long as its cooled off when you put it in freezer....i would say 4 or 5 days in fridge but dont my word for it wait for some other responses

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Be sure to shuck out the bones. Those make it go bad fast at least according to what the old widder ladies say. The rule of thumb for all cooked or raw meat cured or otherwise is in the fridge two or three days max..then into the freezer. Now I think smoke has mysteriouis preservative properties..thats why the Injuns smoked Pemmican and Bufflo because smoking make it last a lot longer. I remember giving this nice Fraulein beer tender a heavy smoked brisket which had been in the ice box all summer..and she said it was the best she ever had..and did not mention getting the squirts so took that as a good sign. Try not listen to any rocket scientists who say to make soup out of the carcass. Its highly nasty. Best of fortunes.

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Thanks guys appreciate your responces

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