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Decisions, decisions.... Which one to buy??

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So here's my conundrum....


I have $200 worth of Home Depot gift certificates to use on a smoker. I've been smoking on my Brinkmann electric for four years now, but alas, it is no longer. I really liked the ease of working with an electric smoker, mostly for the fact that I could get it going overnight and only have to get up once or twice to check it. It was also perfect for the deck of my townhouse which is overcrowded to start with. I will however be moving into a full-sized house at some point in the next year or two. So basically I'm looking for a decent unit to tide me over until I have enough room to build/buy a bigger smoker.


I'm looking for some thoughts on the following electric smokers. I have read the reviews, but I wondered what would be said about comparing them. Are any of these worth my time? Or should I just stay with what I know and save the extra cash for my next project? Thanks in advance for all your input.


#1 - Masterbuilt 30 in. Vertical Electric Smoker - $179


#2 - Masterbuilt 30 in. Vertical Digital Electric Smoker - $177


#3 - Smoke Hollow 30 in. Vertical Electric Smoker - $200


#4 - Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill - $80

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Since you are still in the townhouse, you could go with one of the masterbuilt smokers.  I think I saw one of them in the Masterbuilt smoker post where someone converted it into an electric smoker using electric elements.  It might be worth a look


I love my XL (GS40).  I believe that is what the person used for the electric conversion. 


Edit:  That forum post does not have the electric conversion I saw.  I will have to research the net but I know I saw one done and they made it look pretty easy. 

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Here you go, about 1/2 way down, there is a MB with dual electric mod

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Put a $10 hot plate in your old Brinkmann  and put the rest of the money towards the lawn mower you'll need in your new home. Then build the smoker you want.

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Ha! I love the lawnmower idea! May just go that route. Thanks for the help folks!
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I will vote for the Brinkmann Gourmet. Its one of the best bbq battle instruments ever invented to coin a paraphrase from General Patton about the MI Garand. A person just need to know how to treat it right. I am the proud owner of a cheesy clone of them boxy looking things. It has a half fast chip tray and a half fast water pan all on the same level. Not sure what the injuneers was smoking who come up with that brilliant idea or what kind of trains they drive..its totally crazy..give me a grease fire each time I have been dumb enough to try to use it. Its now a table with inside storage. Anyway yep..get the Brinkmann. When you get in the big house and the plastic gets freed up you will eventually need a Smokin Tex.

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This is one of the reasons I love this website.there are so many people with such great ideas and I am learning something new everyday. I would've never thought to just put another heat source in your existing Brickman like SB59 suggest. That really does sound like a great idea as you can continue using your existing smoker until you are able to move and then invest in whichever smoker or smokehouse you desire.


Regardless of which way you go, keep smoking.

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Everyone here is always helpful.sometimes it the simple solution that you overlook! Thanks again guys!
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