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Still here

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Hi all

Still here and drooling. Problems mean smoking and bbq has gone on the back burner for now, so I might not put any posts up, but still looking.

Hopefully the next few months things will improve.

Keep up the good work


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Hang in their!

Smokin Monkey
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Hello Dave.  I am also having problems.  I am down to my small smoker and my cheap knock off grill.  My fridge build has been delayed so long now I have lost the drawings I had made for it.  Just hang in there, things will work out in time.  I bought a cheap knock off grill from ASDA and I just grill a steak now and then with some wood chips just to keep myself from losing hope.  Good luck.


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Going to do some pork ribs in the bradley countertop later, hope they turn out better than the last lot

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Do you do ribs regularly on it?

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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Do you do ribs regularly on it?

At the moment Wade, long term injury means I'm broke

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i know how that feels osprey 2 not a pot to p**s in 

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