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Fat Ratio - Help Please

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Hey everyone... I'm planning on smoking some goose sausage this weekend. However, I have a question regarding fat ration. I am doing a 25lb store bought seasoning kit. I have used this in the past and did 15lbs goose and 10lb of pork trimmings... it turned out pretty good. However, trimmings are harder to come by now and I have belly fat instead. I did 25lb a few weeks ago and add 7lbs of belly fat to 18lbs of goose and it turned out really soft. So my question is would 5lbs of belly fat be enough if I'm adding 20lbs of goose with it? I can always wait unitl I can get more trimming but I'm not sure when that will be. Thanks in advanced
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Pork butt is reasonably priced and would probably substitute well for the pork trimmings.   Maybe start with 60% butt and 40% belly fat.  The meat of the trimmings adds texture and flavor so straight pork fat is probably not a comparable substitute. 


Let us know how it works out for you if you decide to do it.


You know you may be able to find ground pork and it probably has the fat ratio you are looking for in the trimmings.

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