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Wagyu vs. choice Angus

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Was just wanting to get your thoughts on the whole wagyu brisket craze.  I do only a handful of competitions a year (wish I could do more) and I have smoked both wagyu and choice angus.  I like the wagyu as far as competition goes but with it's high price I don't think I could afford it every time.  Choice angus I do here at the house and it is always delicious.  My question is this, is wagyu all it's cracked up to be?  Are there teams out there winning with choice angus against teams who use wagyu?  Inquiring minds want to know(manly mine).


This is our wagyu brisket box.  Came in 13 overall against 77 teams with our 1st time using wagyu.


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 Sorry I can't help with your question, but that is a great looking turn in box!



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rich franklin has a place that sells out early, and does he use wagyu???? imo its just a marketing ploy. good old fashioned angus texas beef and a guy who knows what to do with it would answer that. I have used both and was really let down on the wagyu and the price. its good just not up to the hype imo

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