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Johnson Custom BBQ Smokers, anyone have one?

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I am looking to maximize my meat capacity with only slightly increasing my fuel capacity. I can do 5 briskets at a time in a SS UDS & Brinkman Offset Smoker.  I like them both but I  want to do a little more.


I am looking for any feedback on Johnson Custom BBQ Smokers.


This is what I am looking at:


I have a BBQ guru for both the UDS & Offset , while each uses one 10lbs bag of oak lump charcoal for a 12-14 cook.

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I looked at their site Nice looking smokers. Are you close to them?   If so they could probably give you a demo of their smoker, We have a pit building company around here that will usually put on a good demo for someone who is going to lay out some serious bucks.



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I'm disappointed at the metal thickness.. He advertises "a little less than 1/4", why doesn't he just specify what it is? For that much money I would get a Lang.. Or follow the professionals here on this site and build ur own for a third of the price.
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It is likely 5mm Chinese plate, closer to 3/16 than 1/4......  It would work fine for what it is being used for as long as it stays well seasoned.

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I try not to buy Chinese anything,

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I have a Johnson Smoker reverse flow trailer model.   the no refund no warranty made me a little nervous.  I would recommend using a credit card for assistance in the event your product is not exactly as described at the website.  My unit was different but not enough to significantly change my buying decision.  I got the impression the fabricators of the device did not do a lot of smoking as my questions about it were answered rather vaguely.  Burning some pecan chunks in the firebox is not seasoning.  I was expecting a nice coating of cooking oil and it being ready to cook on the spot.  Having to season the smoker myself was probably better to understand how it burns.


The smoking device is a work of metal art that does best with a mixture of charcoal and wood. 

It has taken a few cooking episodes and digital thermometers to understand what goes on in the cooking chamber. 

After three attempts it finally produced a beautiful result.   Cleaning is not difficult.  the grease port is a wonderful thing, but probably better on one side instead of being in the middle.


For better control of smoke and temperature a few ports to add digital thermometer probes would have been nice.

The thermometers welded on the door are 80F too low.  Did not anticipate having to calibrate thermometers too.

Though I am still getting to know and understand the device, there is nothing wrong with the quality of the welds or steel. 


As for trailer fabrication it traveled 900+miles home without incident. 

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