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Hello. Good information here I see. I am buying the exact same kamado tomorrow.. Grill surface roughly 22" I'm assuming it's also a K7. Same color and everything as on here. The top is also seized up and the guy has the bottom gas adapter but no door to put in place if u don't wanna use the gas adapter. Do u think I can get a lower door from galaxy for it?
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Most likely Galaxyoutdoor can help you; ask for John.  I have repaired the one I grabbed, but required the threaded damper assembly (called the spider) be replaced.  You might want to google "K7 restore" for more information.  I came up with some upgrades on the design, which make it less likely to seize in the future.  Soon, I will be tiling it as well. 

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Awesome thank u for the info I will search the restore and contact John. I haven't purchased it yet. The guy wants $1000 for it and the top is frozen shut and bottom door is missing. No missing tiles however. Do we know what these sold for or even sell for new today similar models? Should I offer less in case I have to repair the top?
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A price of  1000 is way too high for a K7 missing the bottom damper, and with a frozen top damper.  You have already started looking at my restoration thread in another forum, so you should have a feel for what needs to be looked at and done.  The other members who purchased a k7 in similar condition paid 200 to 450 dollars for theirs, depending on optional items.  I PM'ed you in the other forum, give me a call.

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You can buy a new ceramic kamado for that price
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But the older ones are purty. lol.  Some people like restoring things to their original beauty like old rusty cars. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes older items are made better.

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I have just picked up the same cooker and i dont know anything about them.

Any info would be helpful such as how to look up where to find accessories. I've looked and looked on the web and I'm not finding much.

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Hey guy I just found this K7 so far the only one I found broken is the ceramic the goes inside where the basket sets. Where can I find it? and any other parts.

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Galaxy Outdoors LasVegas sells a replacement basket that is stainless steel ..

 you have to remove the remaining broken  ring  slips in and out   . mine is an awesome smoker.... refractory cement retains heat like no other. good luck.. nice find.... pics ?

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