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Cutting tough jerky.

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I have been cutting the jerky into little squares prior to bagging. Several reasons for it starting with some of my customers dont have good enough teeth to take a bite off a solid hunk of the stuff. and it makes a uniform convenient way to package and helps a lot with weighing,  portion control etc . Does anybody else bother with that step? If so what do you use to cut it with? I have tried sharp knives and poultry shears with so so results depending on how much crunch in the particular batch. Sorta leaning toward wire cutters..tin snips or grass clippers etc. Anybody have any thoughts on the least painful way to do it? Thanks. 

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How about one of these. 

Fiskars Recycled 12-Inch Bypass Trimmer



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You know I had sorta thought of something like that..but had rejected the idea for some reason. I could swipe one of those at the Thanks.

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Maybe try a quality set of pruning shears. It could work and those have the spring-loaded handle to assist.
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Stack the strips together and use a meat cleaver.....
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I'm with Stan on this one .... that's the first thing I thought of as well ....
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Well some of us occidental types are plumb out of meat cleavers and chopping blocks thanks for that. Now I had some limb loppers and that seems to be full arm operation sorta like the paper cutter. I am leaning toward tin

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