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color change

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I have done BBB in the past and it has turned out great. I use a dry cure and in the past the meat has changed from pink to a bright red while in the cure. This time I am doing a test smoke on some belly 3 1/2 lb.


My son has 4 pigs going to the butcher in about a month and he wants me to do his bacon for him. So I want to get this worked out before then.


As I said before the meat has always turned a bright red. But not this time it has changed to a shade of brown,  It has been sealed in a vacuum bag in the cure for 7 days now turning it every day.


Should I be concerned about this or is it normal?

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not to worry.... it will turn red when it warms up to cooking temps.... same as bacon does when it hits the pan......
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Try letting is sit overnight uncovered in the refrigerator giving an occasional flip or two. That should redden it up good. Works on sausage anyway. Makes me think it takes a little time and some air to make it cure right.

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