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Smoking some cheese and eggs

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Smoking 4 pounds of sharp cheddar for 4 hours and 2 pounds for 2 hours tonight. Threw a half dozen eggs on for sh*ts and giggles. Using maple pellets and the amaz-n smoker with my chargriller sfb.
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Count me in - I love smoked cheese & maple is a good choice  thumb1.gif

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I had maple and oak pellets left so I decided on maple. Hopefully it turns out good
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I've smoked a lot of cheese with maple - you'll be fine  2thumbs.gif

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2 hours in just added 2 more pounds of sharp cheddar. 6 pounds total, 4 pounds will smoke for 4 hours, and 2 pounds will smoke for 2 hours.

Eggs have been on about an hour and a half. Not sure how long I'm gonna leave them on.

I poked the eggs with a tooth pick hoping some smoke would penetrate the yolk.
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How did it all turn out Scott?  What are your plans with the eggs? 



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Hey Stan, I sent you a few text messages to the number you gave me. Did they come through?

I smoked 6 blocks for 4 hours, 4 blocks for about 3 hours, and 2 blocks for about 5-5 1/2 hours. I guess we will see in a few weeks.

I'm just gonna eat the eggs. I eat 3 hard boiled eggs for breakfast every morning. I ate one right when i pulled it off the smoker and it was good. I left them on for for about 4 hours but I had them at the far end of the smoker so they really didn't get to smokey. I'm thinking maybe I'll smoke some more eggs in a few weeks and make some potato salad with them.

Overall it was a good night if smoking. Hopefully the cheese is good with the maple wood smoke.

Whenever the next cheese smoke is I'll be there. Can't do the 26th/27th weekend of April cause I'll be up north turkey hunting. Other than that I should be good.
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