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Pork butt roast

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Got a late start today hoping the wind would die down. No such luck, so I used the old adage of improvise adapt and overcome and relocated the smoker to the other end of the house.
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Smart thinking. Aint much place to move I just drag up assorted junk to try to block the wind a Nice looking hunk o protein. Is that a butt?

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It's a butt roast. Butcher said they just take a Boston butt and slice it into thirds.

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Gotcha on that. Thanks. We used to have a dirty dog place up here who would advertise butts say for 1.29. When a victim showed up to buy some they would find the crazy money hungry people had busted perfectly good butts out of the cryo and cut it half in two leaving the bone on one side..which you could buy for 1.29..or they would sell you the meat side for 1.69. I still have nightmares on that deal..plust I found a black hair about 4 feet long in one pack. It was just nasty. I'm trying to figure out a logical way to cut a butt into thee pieces..but its escaping me right

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I'm testing a new wireless thermometer and I didn't want to spend 10 hours cooking a whole butt.
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Here we are, 5 hours in.
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