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Pork Shoulder - ahead of schedule

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Last night/early morning, I put the pork shoulder in the smoker.  Woke up this morning after 7.5 hours and the pork appears to be ahead of my scheduled time.  What are my options in regards to keeping it warm until dinner time?  How long can I keep it wrapped in the towel, in a cooler before pulling?  Any drawback to doing it that way?  Should I keep it in the smoker at a low temperature?


Have about 15 more degrees to go before it reaches 200 internal.  And planning on having company over to eat in 6-7 hours.  Certainly won't take that long to get the temp to 200.  What is the best way to keep it warm without ruining it?

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Get it to 200 first and then worry about it.  If pulling you can let it go to 205.  It may take  3 or 4 hours to get there,  Then wrap in towels and into an ice chest  no problems for at least 8 hours.

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I always wrap mine in foil then a towel the in a cooler. It will stay very warm for 4 to 6 hours like this. Then unwrap and pull it. It us dally still burns my hands pulling it after this rest period so you should be fine even going a bit longer if needed.
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I do let mine go to 205
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Thanks guys -  appreciate it!  Feeling better about my timing.  Was concerned it would be done too early!

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Once you hit your IT, wrap it in foil then wrap it in a couple towels & put it in a cooler. I've kept them this way for over 5 hours & they were still hot enough to burn you when I went to pull them  thumb1.gif 



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