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Pastrami: smoked corned beef

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Finally have some warm weather. High of 29. Somehow feels like spring with the cold winter we have had.

Picked up a couple of corned beef briskets to try to smoke. Never tried before. Googled how to smoke corned beef. Turns out....I'm making pastrami. Never knew that was the difference. Learning new things everyday.

Soaked meat for an hour to pull some salt out. Peppered both sides and added onion powder. Most recipes called for coriander and pepper. I used what I had as this was a spur of the moment buy. See corned beef everywhere around St Pattys day.

Should be done later tonight. Will put in fridge and try to slice thinly. Hoping this works out well. I really like pastrami or most any meat for that matter. Have a cold beer and the afternoon with basketball should be great.

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Can't wait to see how it turns out- I'm stuck in the same snowbank as you, but your smoker looks like it's seen some duty!!  Good for ya-

I'd like to try my hand at CB or pastrami, seems like the store-bought stuff doesn't have any horsepower to it. 


Smoke on dude!

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Very interesting and yes very cheap right now! I hope it works well and thanks for posting!   :drool

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Mmm, sounds great! I love smoking corned beef. I usually soak it for a day or so, changing the water every few hours then rub and smoke. Enjoy your beef!

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Thread Starter are right. It was very salty. I only soaked them for about an hour. Smoke was fine. Got it cooked. Now in the oven with apple juice seeing if I can pull any salt out. No idea if it will work.

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Product came out pretty good. I would soak it longer up front. I have made some sandwiches with swiss cheese. Very good.

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Mouthwatering pics! Can't wait to soak one and smoke it up. I sure wish I had a meat slicer. Thanks for the pics!   -Richie   :icon_biggrin:

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Awesome, mighty fine looking pastrami Sir!



I 'm pulling a brisket tonight for the desalination process for Sous Vide corned beef and have another brisky that will ride another 2 weeks for some Pastrami, CANT WAIT


Thanks for sharing.

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