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can I freeze my sausage

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Just made irish bangers from a pork butt that I had previously frozen. Can I freeze my sausage even though I had to thaw my pork butt?
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Hello Matt.  Did you precook/smoke the sausage?


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No,  A couple weeks ago i was planning on making 2 different types of sausage, bratwurst and irish bangers.  It was my first time and didn't realize how long it was going to take so i ended up only making the brats.  The fresh pork but and a pound of belly that i was going to use for the bangers i through in the freezer.  I thawed them out this morning and made the 5 pounds of the irish bangers.  I did not smoke/precook them.  I now have 5 lbs of fresh irish banger sausage that i am in no way going to be able to eat in a few days, thats why i was wondering how bad it would be to freeze them.  Thanks for the help and the quick reply.

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Sure..freeze away. Dont hurt it a bit.
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More than likely you'll be fine but thawing meat (to what temp) and processing the meat without cure, possibly over 40 degrees (time in the danger zone at what temp) then refreezing? I dont recommend it. Make sure you cook the hell out of it. Fresh sausage handling is not to be taken lightly.

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Thanks for the insight everyone

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Hello Matt.  Gotta agree with Joe.  That's why I asked the question.  Joe knows his stuff when it comes to sausage.  Just watch the safe food handling procedures.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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