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Good looking display Todd. Good luck with your new adventure..Tom

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Best of luck Todd!!! Also Todd, think about just selling the devices to stores, add a card inside the box to link to your pellets and dust. Residuals is where it is at with this type product.





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Great looking booth..... Enjoy the show..... When your products get to Omak, I will know you have covered the globe... biggrin.gif
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I may have to apply for a job as I may have already been your best salesman since I got mine!  Providing you do hire me I'll just add up all of my past commissions. 


Good luck with the show!

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The show has been a great success

Met some current dealers and picked up many more. 

The goal is to have my gadgets available a retailers near you!


Salt Lake City, Utah is a beautiful city

Set among the mountains, it's a sleepy town peaceful town

We attended a practice session of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir....WOW!

I'm nut really a "Church Goin' Guy", but this was a powerful experience

The temple and grounds are absolutely beautiful!!

These buildings are 150 years old and maintained flawlessly!!


If you ever get a chance to visit Utah, put this on your list of places to visit

You will not be disappointed!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Good to hear its been a worthwhile trip Todd.  I agree with you about Salt Lake...its a beautiful place and very friendly people.  Nice to hear you're making contacts with more dealers...continued success, brother!  



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You know how they have scentsy or Tupperware party's to sell there stuff I would be willing to throw a smoking BBQ party and sell stuff off a catalog from a-maze-in stuff
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