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Exhaust Placement??

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Hello all. Having a little trouble putting together my UDS. I'm a tight wad and trying not to spend any money. Anyway. My main question for the guys that have been here. I get free drums by the truck load here. Problem is they all are sealed top. Well I've looked at junkyards, Craigslist, and the side of the road for a weber lid. All to no prevail. On to my question. While my search for what I want I stumbled upon a 24" disc off a plow. This will work for now. It has a hole in the center obviously. So can I put a stack in the center for an exhaust or does it need to be off to the side? Sorry for the rambling. Thanks in advance.
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Hello.  Sorry no one has gotten back to you.  A 2" exhaust in the center should work fine.  Keep Smokin!


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