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Cooking times

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Just curious I know its a general rule of cooking times of 1.5 hours per lb of pork butt. This morning at 4:30 a.m. I put in a 8.5 lb butt in the smoker at 225 degrees so I figured about 13 hours approximately of cook time. It is 9:35 am and the pork butt already has an internal temp of 180 keeping with 2 different meat probes. Is it possible they will finish that quick...What can I do to delay the cooking time since dinner is at 6.p.m. tonight don't want me the meat to be dry

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chances are you will hit a stall but in case you dont when you get to 200 or 205 IT just take it out and wrap in a towel and put it in a cooler and it will stay warm till are wanting it to rest for a while anyway 

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what knda smoker you on?

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I am using a Masterforge 800 watt electric smoker

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ok cool iam home all day so i will keep an eye out for your updates but what you could also do it wrap in foil when at 200* or so and then put your smoker on the lowest setting it has and it will act like a warming box....have done this with my MES many times

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sorry for the rookie question but lowering the temperature on the smoker is something I shouldn't do?

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perfect thank you very much for your help

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220 is the lowest i would smoke it at my man...any lower than that prob isn't safe if you ask me

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I would maybe check the smoker temp.  That seems really fast for a pork butt to get up to 180 degrees, especially cooking at 225.  Are you going by the thermometer built into the smoker, cause that could be off by quite a bit.  You might actually be cooking at a higher temp.

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Wow that cooked fast! I done 5 last week that weighed 9-10 lbs they took 9 hours to reach 187 when I pulled and rested for 1.5 hours. Done a 5 lb Saturday that took 8 hours to IT 190. That was holding around 240.
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yeah it through me for a loop as well that cooked way too fast. I am using the thermometer from the smoker along with the meat probe from the smoker and another meat probe

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whats it at now bro

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188 int temp been cooking for almost 8 hours

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looking like everything should be o.k. cooking 9 hours and int temp of 190

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I like to pull at IT 190 and rest wrapped in a blanket until it cools to IT mid 150's and pull. I have had good luck with this method so far.
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just wanted to thank everyone for their help i really appreciate all the input food came out great

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Originally Posted by medic32 View Post

just wanted to thank everyone for their help i really appreciate all the input food came out great



Good to hear that it everything turned out well.     Just for kicks, when you do your next smoke, use your other probe to check the temp in your cooking chamber, and see if it matches your smoker's thermometer.


Also, to a question you asked earlier in the thread, yes, if your meat is cooking too fast, you can safely turn the heat down to slow things down.   It's important to note that the 40 to 140 in 4 hours rule still applies though.     In your case, since your butt was already at 180, you could have safely turned the temp all the way down to 145 (if the MES goes that low) to hold the butt (slow it down).



BTW, no pics ?????  :th_What_NO_QVIEW:

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glad you didnt take it off early now huh

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