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spatched 4 chickens and soaked them in a marinade/brine for a couple days in my fridge.

drained them then lifted the skin on the breast and did a nice rub and then covered the breasts back up again. where i tore the skin i sewed it back together using tooth pics. into the smoker and using a "competition blend" of pellets and have both ends lit on my AMNPS in my turkey roaster mod (no mail boxes up here)

smoker at 225 .... and will smoke till IT reaches 165 in the breast.

done this a few times now and makes beautiful juicy chicken. the breast is even juicy the next days warmed up. WIFE LOVES IT !!!!

gonna bake up some greek style potatoes to go with it and a nice cucumber and sour cream salad more pics as i get moving along  )

was pretty cold this morning so i fired up the wood stove in my shop, helps keep the temps even and easier on the electricity....   :0)
you can also see in the pic i have changed my racks over to 2 small ones on each shelf instead of the single big ones. easier to clean and THE BRIDE let me know in no uncertain terms that i am not allowed to clean them in the bath tub any more ...  HA HA HA

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Those are some fine looking birds!


You need to get the bride in line. If you want to use the bathtub to clean up, go ahead.


Don't worry, I'll visit you in the hospital.



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You have some great eats there.

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i always seem to have trouble getting a picture of a loaded plate .... i guess the hours of waiting and anticipating the good eats over powers ones senses to grab the camera ...  HA HA HA



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haha yeah thats a comoon problem of mine as that chicken looks great brother

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Terrific colour on your skin. Looks great.



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