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Perfecting my smoked Salmon

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In a quest to perfect my smoked Salmon recipe. I smoked this Black Mouth yesterday.



I put it in a brine of 2 cups Kosher Salt and 4 cups of Dark Brown Sugar.


Here it is after coming out of the brine. 



I prepared a glaze of Honey, Brown Sugar, Gallic and a bit of Sriracha

here it is after smoking for 4 hours over alder wood smoke at @ 180 deg.



At this point I reglazed and added just a hint of garlic powder.


Two hours later out of the smoke and cooling before vacuum sealing 



It has a beautifully mahogany color. And smells great.

This morning I tried a piece and I really like this recipe.

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Nice lookin salmon, I would not need to worry about a vacuum packer at my house as the salmon would probably already be gone ! ROTF.gif. Huge salmon fans here ! Again, nice job ! icon14.gif
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Great looking Salmon! I like the addition of Hot Cock in your glaze, bet it added a nice kick!
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Nice looking fish, especially since it is a Chinook.   

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How delicious!!! Cheers!!! - Leah

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I like the idea of glazing it again after smoking, will have to try that!  Great looking fish!

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After re-reading your thread, am I correct in understanding that you did an initial glazing at the beginning of the smoke and then a repeat 4 hours later ending with 2 more hours of smoke?   Did you burn alder for all 6 hours?    I love the color.

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Yes for this run I did burn Alder for 6 hours. 

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I really like the Sriracha addition to the glaze.   I just might do a little Sriracha experimenting during my next batch.

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Looks Awesome From Here!!!! :drool




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