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Less Is More, When It Comes To Food Paired With Wine...

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Happy Sunday To You Very Fabulous Smoked Cookies!!!


Today's grilled sardines got me on a wine thread!!!


Often I smoke sardines, as I have posted before too, but today with them grilled, I am reminded about how the best wine-food pairings do happen, when the food is so minimalistically prepared and served quite simply.


Case in point:




Grilled sardines over a raw spinach salad, with raw chopped elephant garlic, and then a dressing of whisked olive oil and apple cider vinegar, made for a delightful midday meal!





I enjoyed this with a French White Burgundy (which is made of Chardonnay grape) and the wine was dry and yet smooth and just perfect with this...



I eat the whole thing (sardines) from head, munching right through any teeny grilled up bones or skin or tail - leaving nothing - and it's tremendous!



Whether smoked or grilled, this is a treat, and paired with a dry Chard thus!!!


What are you food-wine pairings on this Sunday??? 


Please post and share them with all, right here!


Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

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grilled tabasco chicken wings with cabarnet and miller lite 

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That sounds wild raastros2!!


How fun!!!


It seems with Tabasco that people either pass on it altogether or just downright LOVE IT and want tons and tons!!! (But rarely is there a "middle" view on the sauce).


Here's to Tabasco fanatics therefore!!! And to everyone's favorite pairings!!!


Thanks tons for posting!!!! Keep sharing what you like and feel free to post photos in here too! It's just great to have more group action over here!!!


Meanwhile, happy fabulous new week to you!!!


Cheers!!!!! - Leah

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I love sardines. Such a great taste and grilling would be perfect. My first experience with them was a Portugese friend who grilled some up on a hibachi when we were kids. He served it with what I would now consider a plonk red wine but I thought it was the gourmet meal for a king at that time. 


Your sardines look lovely and remind me of that wonderful meal.


Thanks for the post and the great qview.



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Thank you very much Disco!


The Portuguese culture is indeed so fantastic with sardines! And with various mollusks, seafood and fish! (And wine)! Delicious stuff!


Your story is terrific!!


Here's to great food for all and this incredible new month!!!


Cheers!! - Leah

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Looks great!!!!
I love 'grilled' sardines!!!!

I first had them in Spain...they were wonderful!!!!

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Oh Martin; that is a FABULOUS photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That must have been sensational!


My kind of "cookout!" Smiles. I love that! Thanks for posting! How beautiful!


Cheers!!! - Leah

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You make me miss the coast so bad.. I miss fresh food out of the sea!
Looks good as we've come to except from ya. I ENJOYed reading your blog this weekend btw...
HAPPY Tuesday y'all!

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Thank you so much Mikey!!!


I'm delighted you enjoyed these sardines, and that is VERY kind that you took time even to read my blog!!! Thank you tons!!!


So very sweet.


Happy MARCH 4th - the day to MARCH FORTH and do anything on earth that one desires!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

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