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This pit has been around since the early 70s. My Dad and his buddies used to cook tons of Q on it. Whole hogs, goat, and countless briskets. The pork ribs that used to come off this thing still linger in my memories. I don't know if anyone has used it in the last 10-15 years but Ill definitely be resurrecting the BOSS this spring. O yeah!




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Do you burn down coals in another area and shovel them under, or do you just build a fire in it?

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Sure looks like fun! Anxiously looking forward to updates and Q view with smoke rising! Maybe even so good stories.

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Nice, hope for more pics on the pit in the near future..... popcorn.gif. I'am totally in for this one !!
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  I will be watching for the rest of the show.



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If my memory is correct, they would build the fire right inside the pit and toss a couple of splits in ever so often.

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Yep, that's an old school cooker there, open pit cooking is the best in my opinion, true BBQ! Just leave the doors open the first half of the cook, then when fire gets all down to just coals, close er up and walk away for about four hours!

Could definitely cook some good grub on that one!
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