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Chicken and Salmon

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Another bitterly cold day in Wisconsin, fish are not biting anymore, couple more inches of snow last night, so what to do.

I decided to brine a chicken over night in Pops brine. Had some extra brine left, so I grabbed a couple salmon filets from the freezer and decided to try them with pops also. Took them out of the brine this morning, rinsed and set on racks to dry for a couple hours.

Pre heated the mes. Filled the amnps half full of maple. Going to run the mes at 200 until the salmon is done to about 145. Then I will up the temp as high as I can in this cold(5 degrees today heatwave) until the chicken is done.

2 hours in. Salmon almost ready to come out.
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Looks yummy.  How much longer for the chicken?

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Pulled the salmon and sampled. It is delicious.

Will let the chicken go for another hour or two, but looking tasty.
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Looks tasty. I don't like to smoke other meats with fish. I've found the fish flavors adhere to the other meats. Will be interesting to see if your chicken has a bit of a salmon flavor.
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Sorry I didn't get a finished pic of the chicken. It turned out excellent, no fish taste to it. You can't go wrong with pops brine, so simple, but so good.
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