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Keith that was my first thought when i saw the pullback..."ugh i left them in the wrap to long!". But honestly they were not dry, not tough. I even had robbie do a bite test so i could see how a judge would be seeing it and it was right on point, the meat pulled away easily and it left a nice bite/teeth mark.


I sat down and really looked at the scores and we acutally scored pretty well over all we just had 1 and 2 judges that for whatever reason didnt like them and those scores really hurt the overall. But i'm still new at this and learning the competition stuff so i dont expect to win everytime...but once sure would be nice ;)


Here are my scores below. All scores out of 30 points. The last 2 numbers are the Totals and Ranking


Baby Backs



Spare Ribs





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The 8th Annual Fernandina Rib Cook-Off is sceduled for the weekend of March 12th.  Does anyone have a link to the registration website?

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Mornin' @djsmokesupreme ....i was actually looking through the FBA contests calendar late last week and noticed a Battle of the Beach BBQ & Blues in Fernandina in June, and didnt see the Rib Cookoff so m assumption was that they replaced this one with the Rib Cookoff. But i could be wrong?


Here is the application for the one on June 11th. I did think it was kind of pricy at ~$65 per category entry fee


I was interested because there is also a steak cookoff that Friday night as an additional one. If you find information on the Rib Cookoff let me know! 

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They're running both.  The only place I could find info about the rib cook-off was on their FB page Unfortunately, I can't make it, but I'm going to try for June.  Thanks for the info.

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