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Lemon Ice Etc..

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Peggy wrote a funny blog post telling about some of the things we do with the 10 + gallons of lemon juice we get every year.  I can't post the link, but I can link a you tube we made showing a 3 in one treat we make starting as lemon aide concentrate becoming lemon ice and ending as a decadent lemon snowball kinda thing.  As usual I hope ya find it informative or at least mildly entertaining.

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Great video.  Now where's the recipe for your lemon shine?   I gotta try your adult Lemon Sorbet.

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Da lemon shine is on our blog and the link is at the end of the video.  The lemon shine is simply pint, jelly jars filled with Julianned lemon peelings, then topped off with shmernoff vodka we use that brand cause it's gluten free.  After a few months in the cabinet ya get lemon extract.  When ya remove the strips of lemon peelings ya can put them in a shallow pan with suger and dry them for a while they make lemon candy, and lemon infused suger.  all of which is in our blog.  I'd love to post the links and copy the articles but I can't the BBQ Gods wont let me.   

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This will help us in using some of meyer lemons off of our neighbor's bush.    I make sorbet for the kids, but wouldn't mind making an adult version.

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The condensed milk was just to turn it up a bit its great with out it.  The shot of vodka is barely taste able.  To make an ice cream which we really like is make the lemon syrup and when still warm add 1 can evap. milk and 2 condensed.stirr to mix let cool and crank in ice cream churn.  The lemon extract might be good in there but it might prevent it from setting up.

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Great video indeed! Good for you!!!


(Says I up in icy, slushy, snow country - which isn't quite like the slushy wonderfulness you describe - but I do send warm praise nonetheless)! 


Very fun!


Cheers! - Leah

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