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New Florida Boy

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New to the idea of cold smoking and curing. I've always loved the flavor of real cured meats, but don't really know much about the process. I lived in Georgia for a while and learned a little about smoking sausage in an old 12x12 granite dynamite shed, but a few years ago met a man who had built a cold smoke smoker and meat curing house here in Florida. He was an artisan with wood and really everything he did, but he has since passed and I never had the opportunity to really pick his brain. I always assumed that our hot and humid climate was less than optimal for curing. I live in N. Central Florida and own a small sawmill business. I have some 500 year old cypress and a 60 gallon propane tank that I would think would make a good fire box. I want to build a smokehouse. I'd really like the flexibility of cold and hot smoke smoking even considered an optional propane burner for hot smoke option in the smoke chamber. Would love to be able to cure 6 hams or turkeys, link sausage, bacon... Need help on design, materials (read a post expressing concerns about cypress), and curing in the tropics. Thanks
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texas.gifHello some bloke, and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   I had a friend from Edinburgh, his name is Wayne Rudd, he and his wife had a book store, Wayne worked for Kramo heavy lifting.



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Don't know where Edinburgh is.
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Welcome, see ya around the forum !
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