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Gold medal sirloin tip.

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In celebration of 2 gold medals in hockey, Go Canada! canada.gif, doing up little a 2# sirloin tip for tonight's dinner. Not starting it for a bit, gonna bring up to med rare, and set for a while, served up sliced onto some garlic bread slices.


Resting in a combo Cajun and Montreal Steak spice, maybe make up some maple aux jus to go along with it.


More to come....

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It should be good. Keep the Qview coming.

Happy smoken.


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Gonna be a tasty roast!
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What a great way to celebrate the winning of the Olympics by our great Canadian hockey teams! I did a pork picnic shoulder myself but now you have me thinking about beef!



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Woo! Nice. Haha I was up at 3:45 am to watch the game
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Sliced up thin, after a nice 4 hour maple-cherry smoke




Served on a toasted bun with fried onions, a side of mashed and buttered brussel sprouts, and maple au jus dipping sauce

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That is truly Gold Medal food!



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^^ What he says^^  Thumbs Up

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