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Boneless Rib End Pork Roast

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We are VERY new to smoking.  We have a Master Forge Digital Electric Smoker.  I picked up a boneless rib end pork roast 2.5 lbs. My plan was to roast in the oven but the husband wants to try smoking it.  It is a thin cut maybe 2.5 to 3 inches.  Any suggestions? We have a rub we love.  Just looking for a temp and estimated time.  Thanks.

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Add some rub and put it on. Temps in the 225º range and take it to around 145º IT, then wrap in foil for 30 minutes or so.  Pork does not have to be at 170º to be considered finished, but if you prefer you can always give it some more time.  It should not take real long to reach that time.

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That small will only take 1-2 hours at 225°F. I concur on the smoking to an IT of 140-145°F. The pork will have a bit of blush to the meat but it is fully cooked. If pink pork is not something you like, go to 150 but no higher than 155°F or the meat will be dry. Good luck...JJ

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Thanks!! We rubbed and it is in the smoker now about 40 mins.  So we will see.... 

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