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hello to everyone

i am a western transplant now living in ontario. i did the opposite, i went east, miss the west alot,


i am med hardcore smoker, have a large BGE, and a Napolean grill, i will be purchasing an electric smoker in a yr ( after i build a new deck)


American really know how to throw a Q. really nice for them to welcome us.

i have been to 2 Eggfests, i plan on going to a few comps as a eater , always learn a trick or two from the southerners


and yes i sip on beer and bourbon, isn't that the b  and  b in BBQ ?

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Greetings from the east coast Nova Scotia!Happy to see this group and enjoying some interesting threads!
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Hello from Newmarket, ON. New to the forum but been smoking for a while. Have a POS Centro from CTC that i've rewired twice so far over the years. Just finishing a DIY propane smoker from an aluminium steamer trunk that my in laws used when they emigrated in the 50's.

I'll post pic's when I'm not embarassed at the lack of progress. I'm retired and only work a shorter work day. ( When SWMBO says I can) 🙄

Glad we have a Canadian specific area. Lots we can share about where to get, spices, materials, etc.

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Well, moved to Manitoba now, going to have to get used to extreme cold smoking now( although this year seems to be particularly warm)

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