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Got my first lodge dutch oven and have a question

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I got a 7 quart lodge. I am not really sure if I need to season it or not. On the side of the box it states " seasoned for a natural, easy release finish that will improve with use".  So is it safe to say it is ready to use?


Also is chilli a bad idea for the first use of the dutch oven? I have read that acidity foods are not good for the dutch oven until it has a heavy seasoning. I am also to sure how acidity chilli even is lol.



Thanks for any help

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I would do further seasoning before using, especially with chili or other acidic items.


Not saying it needs it, just what I would do?


Check this thread:


I have used lard with great success.  Call me a traditionalist.


Then again, most of my cast iron is 60 to 80 years old.


Flaxseed seems to be the hot item today?


Enjoy it!  Get it black and enjoy the beauty!


Good luck and good smoking.

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ALWAYS season your new cast iron no matter what the box says.....chili is ok just try to avoid eats the seasoning....if you do use tomatoes not that big a deal just brush some pig lard or vegetable oil just on the inside and heat at 250 in oven for a little while

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That factory seasoning isn't the greatest. Flax oil is great, but you'll probably need to remove the factory seasoning before applying as it may not bond with it. I'm not positive on that one, so hopefully someone else will chime in who has more experience. At the very least I'd wipe it down with some bacon fat, lard or Crisco in a thin, even coat and put it in a hot oven (400+) for an hour or so. I'd hold off on the chili until after at least one or 2 coats of seasoning.
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As MD said Flax seed oil is the Bomb. You will need to remove the factory seasoning first. To so this you can use the oven clean cycle if your oven has one. Or you can build a hot fire with really good coals and bury the pot and lid in the coals. After scrub out good, dry and then apply the flax oil. Bake at 425* let set repeat two more times.
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Here is a link to how to season cast iron with flax oil (which is the recommended method, although other oils & even lard will work).  It takes a little time to do it right with multiple coats, but you will be rewarded with a true non-stick old school cast iron product in the end.


Note: you only need to do this with "black" or raw exposed cast iron, and not the enameled cast iron surfaces.

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Thanks to all!! My gut feeling was telling me to re season it and every one just confirmed that. The wife is out today so I ask her to see if she can locate some flax oil. I am just going all out and using oven cleaner then a good wash down and follow this link,



Thanks again!!

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I started my seasoning! I had to clean it twice with oven cleaner but boy oh boy is it looking good now. I am going to do it a few mores after the first is done to give it a nice heavy seasoning. Glad I took the time to do it right.
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Take your time.  Put in the extra work.


You will be rewarded with a lifetime of enjoyment.


Your kids will fight over that cast iron after you are gone!


Good luck and good smoking.

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When i buy a new Dutch Oven/cast iron the first thing i cook in it is bacon and lots of it. I have found doing that creates a great start and after that its good to go!!!!!

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