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Time for an upgrade!

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Hey all, it's time for an upgrade. But what one to go with? I'm currently using a MES40 and I like it but it's time to step up. I think I've narrowed it down to either a Yoder YS640 or a RecTec. I like the features on both of these and would just like some input from ya'll before I go out and spend some money. Any help would be great fully appreciated. Thanks and happy smoking!grilling_smilie.gif
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Both of the pits you mentioned are great rigs.  I own a Rec Tec and love it.  Well built, and consistent, accurate temp control from 180*-500*.  The YS640 I think goes from 150*-600* and is very well built too.  Besides low and slow cooking, you can also set either of these pits up to direct grill at high temps.  When I was comparison shopping, I really looked hard at the YS640 before settling on the RT.  The deciding factors for me:  Rec Tec was a little less money, had a little better warranty, and offered up to 2 years 0% financing.


Bottom line:  you couldn't go wrong with either of those pits.


Good luck and let us know which direction you go.



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