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Trying to get pictures before they are devoured sit them on the counter they start disappearing pretty fast


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This batch turned out just like I like them, tender with a little tug, Last ribs were a little too tender for me, falling off the bone, wife kids and grand kids like them falling off,  Me and my  #2 son like a little tug, Ended up using most of the bag of lump (pretty small pieces in the bottom of bag, only used 2 splits of hickory, the smoke was just right, very mild.



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Looks good?


Hard to tell from that pic?


The empty plates tell the real story.


Nice day with 20 mph winds?


I seem to remember those?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looking good from here. I think im gonna smoke a rack of st louis style this upcoming weekend.
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Those ribs look great to me!  We had a heat wave here where it got to 43 degrees............I wish I would have had the time to fire up the smoker but I always seem to need to plan my smokes well in advance so as to not get in trouble with other people's plans.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was just one of those days, Seemed like a good day for Ribs. I usually plan my smokes, but sometimes you just say it's a smoking kind of day. These were Baby back that were very meaty. Smoked uncovered for 3 hours, wrapped in foil for about an hour, unwrapped and back on the smoker for about 2 more hours. Pulled them off with the intention of letting them rest for an hour -- Wrong --

Started disappearing as soon as I brought them in. I said if y'all will wait and let them rest for a while they will be better, I was told there just right now "lets eat" 



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The smoke flavor was very mild, like it is supposed to be. The hickory we have been using has seasoned for a little over a year now, real mellow



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Very jealous...(of both weather you are having and the food you are cooking!)

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I be doin' ribs (Baby Back) in slow cooker today.  Browned them under the broiler in the oven, but not before putting S&P on them first, then into the crock with a Onion that I sliced up and 2 bottles of BBQ sauce. 7 hours on low.

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