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BBB bacon to sweet

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I started with a deboned and butterflied Boston but and soaked it in Pop's brine recipe with 1/2 cup seasalt , 1 cup granulated sugar , 1 cup brown sugar , 1 tbs cure #1 for 11 days . Smoked to an internal temp of 150 .
It turned out good but it is just about to sweet .
The question is can I cut back on the sugar a good bit or just up the salt to make it better?
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Yes you can either add more salt or less sugar as long as you keep the cure amount the same.
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Thanks .
I think I will try 1/3 cup white and 1/3 cup brown sugar on a small butt I got in the fridge to see if it is better to my taste .
Like it a little salty instead of sweet. Wife even said it was to sugary. She has a sweet tooth and owns a bakery .
The last I made was with himountain and I soaked it in cold water for 1 hour and it was great . Tried the brine on this batch because I thought it was easier . Guess I need to experiment till I git the taste I want.
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