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AMPS First Time

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Today I smoked some ribs for the fellas tomorrow at work.  I'm a fireman.  I tried the AMPS for the first time.  Had a bit of a snafu.  I guess it wasn't fully protected and some fat dripped down into the tray.  No good.  Fortunately, I still have some chunks so I was able to recover the fumble.


I have a MES 30.  I'm thinking of just taking the drip pan out of the bottom that way the AMPS will fit under the drip cup and be protected from drippings.  The pan at the bottom doesn't look it does much besides being handy to take out and clean.


I took it out and fired up the rest of the pellets.  Wow.  This thing is fantastic.  Can't wait to use it to cold smoke.  Unfortunately, it's getting warmer here in SoFla so my cold smoking window is closing.

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I just cut a 9" X 12" foil pan in half (Lengthwise), and put it above my AMNPS, in my MES 40.

Should be able to do that in your MES 30.


If you put the AMNPS on the floor, it might not have enough air to keep burning/smoking.






Note the upside-down half foil pan above my AMNPS:



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You're rig is backwards.  My hinge is on the right side.  I can't figure it out! :biggrin:


Was thinking of a cheapo cover.  I'll get it figured out.

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I have an AMNPS and I used it for the first time last night. I am using the pellets that came with it. When filled it burned all the pellets in 2 hrs. I used a torch to start one end. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
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