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First cold smoke cheese

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Cold smoked some cheese this weekend, looks like it worked out great - can hardly wait to dig into it in a couple of weeks.  I smoked up some Cheddar, White Cheddar, Pepper Jack and some Colby.  I used applewood pellets in the AMPS and it worked great!!




Getting started:



Chugging along, about two hours into the smoke:


Letting them air out after about 4.5hrs in the smoke:



Vacuum sealed and ready to age for a couple of weeks:



Thanks for looking and thank you for all the great information on this form!




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Looks good
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Very awesome looking cheese.  Good Job.

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Not too many things on this earth better than smoked cheese!


Just vacuum sealed up some I smoked a couple of days ago.  Need to do another batch as I don't think we'll have too much more cool weather down here until next winter.

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That looks great - nice job 

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