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I need to check in here more often.  Just picked up a boneless lamb leg the other day at Costco and was thinking about smoking it.  I am now inspired.  Thanks.  I like the harissa and date balancing act.  The wife isn't big on dates but I can chop them well and she'll never know!

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Dried apricots or figs will work maybe soak them in a bit of chicken stock first. Usual suspects after that onion,red pepper,cilantro. Rub inside with spice mix, sprinkle stuffing as its cooking with spice mix just don't let it burn. Breadcrumbs bind it ,cooked rice will workas well.
I cook my stuffing because it gets the least amount of heat in the middle. Need anything else just stick it here.
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Ah...apricots would be a good sub for the dates.  Thanks.

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

That is some Beautiful Work! Lamb is a true fav of mine but the rest of the family is not crazy about it. Can you give the general proportions of the spices in the mix? Or are they 1 to 1 of each. Thanks...JJ


BTW...I am interested in the Chicken as well. That is one they all will eat. If you have a recipe for the Harissa as well it would be appreciated....

OK  Chef JJ harissa ! 

I follow the recipe from Claudia Roden's Middle Eastern Food. A real cooks cook book:439: that I bought 20 years ago. If it aint broke don't fix it

Start with 250g dried chilli ,soaked in hot water for about 45-60 min.,drain.I cut them up with scissors dry so I can shake the seeds out. Now I don't know what dried chilli you can get.Sometimes I go to the Indian store for them & sometimes the Thai store. Some chilli hotter than others I buy the bigger ones, Kashmiri but sometimes mix some small ones in.

Then its 1 med head of garlic,1 tab coriander seed,1 tab caraway 1 tab dried mint 3 tabs + fresh cilantro 1 tab rock salt Olive oil. Grind the spices,rock salt helps. Process the lot with enough EVO  to get the consistency right. Jar it with some EVO on the top.

Now if its to hot ,roast a red bell pepper over gas flame,peel off blackened skin process that through original mix. Very rare but a trick worth knowing .Of course you can do this 50/50 with processed bell pepper at serving to give people a bail out position or even make a sauce off the harissa base. 

I don't put cumin or black pepper in mine I have seen it in other versions. .If you are kicking off with bell pepper you are making a safe

 version thats not going to upset people but I am all about authentic.

Zhug .This is a blast I use it to rub over mackerel for the grill,prawns,swordfish,chicken dishes, lamb you name it.

Grind & blend to a paste 1 x teas black pepper,1 teas caraway,3-4 cardamon pods,4 strong hot dried chilli soaked for an hour 1 head garlic ,a full big bunch of cilantro including roots,1 teas rock salt.

Its really worth the effort. I have made it added a splash of water cook it off for a couple of minutes. Picked that up somewhere not sure it adds much.

If you take 1 teas of zhug add 1 tab ground fenugreek then mix it with the pulp of a large tomato you then have a relish called hilbeh.Great with flat bread or as a condiment.

I was making 3 kg a week at one point with providers busting my balls for more.

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Damn auto spell ,it's providores:biggrin: 3kg of Harissa is a lot chilli processing.
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Thanks Mick, sounds like some great recipes. Guajillo Chilies are available here and have only a mild to moderate heat level with a nice red color. Should work well. There is always the addition of a couple of Thai Chilies for those that like more heat...JJ

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Moikel, thanks for posting, that looks absolutely delicious.

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Been messing with recipes lately Mick with harissa sauces and marinades... I love harissa... so darn flavorful. ....

As this meal looks...

Miss your cooks!

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Originally Posted by webowabo View Post

Been messing with recipes lately Mick with harissa sauces and marinades... I love harissa... so darn flavorful. ....

As this meal looks...

Miss your cooks!


Glad you like my stuff. I sort range across a bunch cuisines.Its been so hot over summer I have been doing food to suit. 

I am going to clear out my wood fired oven & do a whole something:biggrin: soon. Dinner for about 12,might do my take on North African chicken & a lamb maybe whole rubbed North African or a adaptation of a tagine. I will let you know in advance.


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Wow - nice oven!!! How fun!! Cheers! - Leah

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Nice lamb! Unfortunately, lamb is expensive here. In central Ohio we have a lot of Somali immigrants so it's becoming easier to find halal lamb.


About two years ago I used to be able to get lamb at reasonable prices - especially scrappy rib cuts that didn't havve much meat; I'd roast them and make the house smell good, then make soup.


We have a large Greek church which stages a festival in September, they roast whole lambs on spits. SO good!



chops, too


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