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1 st tri tip

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I bought a whole case at SAMs for around 56 dollars. So don't know the weight but I have learned from all of you time/weight is not that important. Rubbed with Suzy Q and extra cracked pepper. On the smoker at 230 till I get 235 IT. Then to rest. Anyone see anything wrong other than my wife has not let me buy a maverick yet[IMG]

Will post final product when it is time
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Only took about 2 hrs to reach temp now in foil foe 35 min. We are not eating till 5 I thought it would take at least 4 hrs to cook any idea in re-heating the TT???
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Reheat in Au jus. It will keep it moist !
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Also, from past learning experience, watch the grain carefully when slicing the TT. The grain changes a couple times on Tri-tip. If ya already know this then disregard, just want it to turn out perfect for ya !
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I have it resting now. What about doing the reverse sear to re heat. Looks like I saw heat a grill to 500 then hit about 5 min on each side. And I saw a picture of the grain that someone put colored directions on how to cut got that part. Thanks for the help
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Link did not work
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Go to "first Tri tip roast" in search bar and post #40 shows a pic of the slicing. Not sure why link is not working. Also IMHO, would not reverse sear to reheat !
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Ok do you know of a post that talks about the ah jus
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You can also go to YouTube and search tvwb Tri tip and there's a good video from Weber on slicing the TT !
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Here's a recipe from Chef JJ, it's a great one.
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Originally Posted by duckguyjr View Post

On the smoker at 230 till I get 235 IT.


I hope you mean IT of 135º, I don't let my Tri Tips go past 125º. Then only a 30 min. rest.

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Yes 137 is what I pulled at. Curse of fat fingers
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Dinner was great. Could have left on for a little longer think 140 would have liked it a little more done but was great
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