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First smoke with AMZNPS 12" tube

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Received my 12" tube from Todd today. I'm definately another satisfied and very impressed customer. I used Todd's blend (hickory, cherry, maple) to smoke some havarti cheese this evening. The smoke was outstanding, no problems lighting or smoking. I used this in a 30" MES though and found that I needed to vent the box occasionally to keep the heat down. Unlike most, I'm in California, and cold is not the temp of the day. I ran it for 2 1/2 hours and got great color. The tube still had some time left and I let it run out because of the maiden voyage. I will be using it again tomorrow in my GOSM to smoke some BB's and Dino's with some oak and pecan. I think it will work better in the big box, but am more than satisfied with the cold smoke. It just needs a little more monitoring of the temp. All in all, a great product.
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Yep Todds customer service is out standing, I love mine also and with all smokers and devices you just have to watch them and see how they best work for you


Lets see some of your pics - remember what they say





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