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Storing My MES30

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I have a MES 30 and I might not get to use the smoker for several weeks. How do you store the smoker? Do you leave the door open, closed and what about the vent open or closed?  I guess I'm worried that there might be a possible chance of mold starting. Maybe I'm worried about nothing. Any suggestions?


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I keep my 30 inch MES covered in a MB cover, then place it in the shed, closed in, unheated.  Racks have been well cleaned and they hang on a couple of nails in roof rafter of the shed.  On the backside of that 2 X 4 the racks hang from, I hang a MES rib rack and the drip pan.  On the 2 X 4 over the shed door, I have the water bowl and chip tray sitting, but secured up there.  And on the same 2 X 4 the racks hang on, I have 1 nail I use to hang my heat proof gloves. I also have the vent wide open and the chip loader hung up.


If snow comes from North, it will penetrate the door, so the smoker sits ready to roll, in front of all the other stuff I have in storage for the winter.



That is my shed, with the star on it.

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