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my attempt at a smoker

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Nice start Ewan. What are you thinking for a heat source?

What are you dimensions?

There's a number of wood built smokehouses here for you to look at and borrow ideas from.

Looking forward to the rest of this build.

BTW-That's some nice shop you're working in!
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thanks im making it in woodwork at college I hade some spare time after finishing another project. its about 18" wide 22" deep and about 4 foot from the floor. im going to cut a 4" hole on the side at the bottom and run some stainless ducting to a fire box was thinking I could use my wood fuelled deck heater nos sure what kind of roof to put on it does it make a difference if it is flat or pitched? whats the best way to vent the top?

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If it's going to be out in the elements, then you would want the roof to slope down in back with the back of the box being 6 inchs shorter than the front. I'm guessing that the chamber dimension is 36" X 18" X 22' with 12" legs? If so, then the back of the box would be 30" X 18". Since you already have it framed out and the T/G siding started you could retro fit a piece of 2" X 4" 22" long to the top front (with the 2X standing on edge) above the door. This will give you some slope and you wouldn't lose any of your current cabinet space. You would then need to cut your T/G siding diagonally corner to corner for filler pieces for the sides.

Check out Pops6927 Smokehouse build-he used floor vents for his smokehouse vents (have to go down the page a ways before you see the pictures). When I get around to building a smokehouse, I'll be using Pops ideas (ALOT smile.gif )
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was thinking about a sloped roof it might be something I add later ive not got a lot of wood left to build it with and they wont get anymore in it was old stock

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got around to finishing it today after it sat outside my house for a few months

lit a small test fire to see if it worked and the fire kept going out as if its getting starved of air .ive not put any holes in the smoker is that the problem or is it something else?

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yes... you will need air vents in the smokehouse (exhaust) and the firebox (intake)... without air vents of coarse the fire is gonna starve for air and go out... I used the 4x8 adjustable A/C vents for both vents.. thinking you will need a different style vent for intake on the firebox... what are you using for a firebox (pics) ?
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I put a vent on the side below the intake and seems to be working now.I'm using a chimania just now as a fire box till I can get the bits to build a proper firebox
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