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Got an Akorn!

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Welp, got me an Akorn to play around with and see what kinda food i can get off of it. I'll be doing burgers, steaks, chicken, pizza, ribs, butts and brisket. I'll try it all and see how it works out for me. I was looking at the BGE's but this one was $300 compared to a grand for a BGE. im sure ill be doing some sealing mods to it cause i know they are natorious for air leaks but hey with the initial price i should still be looking good. I picked up a 17" weber grate to put in the stones place ad got a pizza stone to use a deflector that way i can use it as both, a defuser for smoking and a stone for pizzas. Came out about $20 cheaper doing it this way. I'll be going with lump as well.

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Congratulations! Did you know a lot of the fun of smoking is getting to know your smoker?

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Oh yeah of course!
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